A side of Me


What”s a true relationship? That question keep circulating in my mind over and over again. Everything changes of course, relationship’s much open compared to some years ago. I don’t know much about long years ago, but at least I heard a little from my parents.

I am a Karonese, a true one i guess. I was born and grown up in almost purely Karo society. I learnt its culture the best I could and I truly love it, though I think some rules are quiet unacceptable.

Speaking of a relationship, i find myself keep sticking to Karonese pattern, though just a little bit. I have no problem with any type of relationship, as long as one enjoys it, so it’s just ok.

Sex before marriage, for instance, is something unallowed in Karonese society, but I don’t mind with that. As long as one truly loves it, so why not?

But that’s just a thought, I can accept the idea but don’t ask me to perform..I find myself really uncomfortable just by imagining myself doing that. No matter how hard I try, the girl in me barely change..I’m still that little kid who take parents’word like a pray.

I learnt liberalism, I love it..But I wonder why in some cases I find myself more traditional than my old grandparents.

All my family believe me, I hear no limit since I have grown up. But why do I limit myself? Does the seed of culture keep growing deeper and deeper within me, and I don’t even notice.

I remembered arguing with my mother about a tradition that I thought was unappropriate. But why am I like this..unconsciously tied myself to that old wisdom.

But me is me, I can’t deny I love myself..I have no reason not to like myself..That’s how my parents raised me..

So, Now I proudly say..here I am, the Karonese girl..


3 Responses to “A side of Me”

  1. Demson Sihaloho April 30, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    Boleh tukeran link?
    salam hangat dari medan

    • ikarowina Tarigan April 30, 2010 at 10:15 am #

      Demson, tips kolomnya manis jg untuk tulis2 puisi…:)

      • Demson Sihaloho April 30, 2010 at 10:21 am #

        Bujur, boleh dicoba tuh…

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