Mother: The Sound Of The Deepest

24 May

Medan, 24th May 2013      10: 30


To  My Mother: The Sound of the Deepest Heart



The simplest and the lightest word my mouth could ever say,

In any condition: the best and the worst ever.


When laughter accompanies my steps along the day,

I’ll come home and say: “mother”, With sparkling eyes,

You always welcome me: with warm words, loving eyes, merry face,

Cause  you know, your very daughter is overflowed by happiness.

Then you worship God for giving me such a lovely day.


When a harsh word hurt my heart,

And I can’t even let a single tear drop to lighten my heart,

I cannot think of anything  better than going home,

Find you and say this magic word,” mother”, with the sorrow and heavy eyes,

There you always be mother,

Still welcome me: with calm words, deeply-loving-you-eyes, protecting touch,

And you know mother,

MY heavy eyes could just easily shed tears and heal my heart,

Then you will thank God for letting me find comfort in you.


Mother, you are my home,

No matter how far I am gonna go someday,

No matter with whom I am gonna spend my entire life,

I know I’ll always have you,

A home to return to,

In your heart,

The safest place this little girl could ever find.


Mother, I love you.

And there is only one thing I always ask the God you worship,

“Please, give me time to make my mother happy. Please, give me time to love her more. Then, I’ll worship you for my whole life.”






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