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Touch My Soul

21 Oct

Medan, 21st October 2012      4:17


As dark as the cloud in the sky,

That’s how my heart is this very moment,

The whisper of bamboo leaves,

Throw this feeling far to the the deep of loneliness.


The sound of music now is not enough,

This body just stay still, watching the dancing bamboo through the window

But the feeling runs along an endless road,

Please, Catch my soul, make me stop.

Calm my restless heart.




Stumbling blocks,

Are all parts of life,

Make life worth fighting in their own ways,

I truly know that, I accept that.


But dear God,

Watching people I love feeling low and weak,

Make me far weaker than I could imagine,

Touch me please,

Slow this heart beat,

Lighten this heavy breath,


You love me, I know.

Hold me high, I surrender.

In you, I and all the people I love will be safe.