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9 Apr

Medan, 9 April 2012


Distance keeps you far from my reach,

I’ve got used to it,

Breathe you with the fresh air when I wake up,

Carry your smile along my hectic days,

And have you in my dreams,

Seem all enough for days or months–

Without you in the flesh.


But darling,

Few days of togetherness changes me a lot.

Watching your every moves and gestures,

Grows something deeper in me.


The warmth in your eyes,

The tenderness in your voice,

I can’t list it one by one,

But the way you love me,

Make me wanna love you more.

The way you want me,

Make me wanna give you my best.


And sweet heart,

My pure love is my best,

That is yours then,

Take and keep it,

For now and forever…