Archive | March, 2011

Key To My Heart

7 Mar

Such a familiar feeling when you’re around,

Made me forget that you’re someone new.

I acted as I pleased,

Not even realized that you”re confused..

Do forgive me love…


I said no, when I meant yes

I said ehemmm, representing agreement

My eyes cried, my mouth laughed at the same time

It’s so like me


But darling, you took it the opposite instead,

And I didn’t try to explain,

I owe you an apology,


However honey,

I truly believe that love doesn’t need to say sorry

Will this beĀ  a problem?


Darling, we’re just like two story books,

If we’re willing..

We can read each other more,

Try to grasp the essence of each of us..

And earn the keys to our hearts