Archive | July, 2010


12 Jul

Here I am,
Stepping down the ladders
Which I’ve tried hard to climb up
Some part of my brain keep blaming
But some part of heart never stop giving support

Here I go..
Walking down the grey road once again
Hoping to find the passion that I’m craving for
Where to start, where to stop
I find no clue yet

But I have You
Who will lead to where I should be
I have nothing but belief
Just in You and always back to You


No You

12 Jul

My body stepped to this unknown place,
To follow the voice of heart..
‘Getting the unsettled dream’
The dream that only lives in you

I’m here You’re here
My skin covers yours
Your warmth is in my hands
But why isn’t my heart satisfied
Is it something in me or something in you
Makes the one inch distance feel so far

But now I’m ready to go
No more regret
The heart is still hungry
The eyes’re still thristy

I’ll find another bay
Where my heart truly belongs to